February 26, 2021

Morning exercise routine for beginners – The 2021 definitive guide for an easy start

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+15 Benefits of exercising in the morning

Exercising is an important activity for the health of the body, improving the efficiency of its various organs and organs.

The variety of sports, between walking, jogging, swimming, and jumping, and several well-known sports exercises, football, basketball, volleyball, and others Of sports, and sport has many benefits most of the time.

Increase mental focus

Exercising daily during the morning period helps the body to focus required to complete daily tasks because exercise stimulates blood circulation and improves the health of the body.

Supporting heart health

Since morning sports stimulates blood circulation, this will positively affect the health of the heart and arteries and regulate blood pressure.

Feeling of obligation

Exercising in the morning accustom the practitioner to a commitment to the daily practice of sport and to feel its importance in his life. When he is absent from doing so, one will feel a deficiency in his daily program, and it also helps to wake up from sleep at specific times daily, without The need to set an alarm clock or phone.

Give the body better results.

The rate of hormones in the body during the morning period is at its best, so it will be more comfortable to exercise in the morning, rather than choosing the evening period for that, when the body is tired and exhausted.

Mood improvement

This is because exercise stimulates the secretion of the hormone endorphins, which improves mood, reduces psychological pressures and tension states, which means that a person receives his day with overwhelming happiness and high positive energy.

Weight Loss

The morning is considered the best time to exercise to lose weight and burn fat faster, in addition to the importance of morning exercise in maintaining a lean and fit body and improving muscle health.

Encouragement to eat breakfast

Exercising muscular effort while doing exercises pushes the body towards demanding the energy present in the food to do its job, and eating breakfast is essential in supporting focus and the general health of the body, and it is preferable to leave at least two hours between sport and meal in case of wanting to lose weight.

10 More benefits of exercising in the morning

  •  Activation of all oxidative processes, which helps the body to eliminate toxins and free radicals better.
  • Treating sleep disorders, such as insomnia.
  •  Liver revitalization.
  •  Activation of metabolic processes.
  • Tips for exercising in the morning
  •  Exercising before eating breakfast.
  •  Not excessive morning exercise, especially to lose weight, for fear of losing the body, by exhausting its full energy.
  •  Exercising in the morning in the fresh air, such as the home garden or the empty streets in the morning, is for jogging.
  •  Do morning sports for a period of ten to thirty minutes.
  •  Make sure to drink good amounts of water during exercise, for fear of dehydration, especially for those who run for half an hour.

Body-stretching exercises

Exercise is considered the best way and means to get a taut and slim body safely and properly, especially if there is flabbiness in the body due to sudden weight loss.

As an exercise, it also helps a lot in slimming and losing excess weight by burning the largest possible amount of calories; it also tightens the skin and rid it of its flabby without any negative side effects.

Swimming exercises

Swimming is considered one of the best exercises that effectively lose weight in the body and healthily tighten the body by practicing swimming for half an hour four times a week.

Superman Exercise

This exercise aims to get rid of the sagging in both the back and abdomen by lying on the back straight, then placing the arms towards the sides and tightening them, and at the same time, the feet are raised from the ground, and the toes are stretched up, as well as the muscles of the back and abdomen.

It must be taut, lower the right leg with the inhale, take into account the foot not touching the ground, then replace the left foot with the right foot by doing a movement similar to the movement of scissors with the exhalation and repeat the exercise daily.

Bike exercise

This exercise is one of the most important sports exercises that help burn excess body fat and tighten the skin.

It also tightens the various muscles of the body, in addition to that it gives the trainee good results when continuing on it, and the exercise is done by lying on the ground, placing the arms behind the neck area, then pushing The right knee is towards the left armpit, then pushes the left knee towards the right armpit and so on in the same pattern.

These steps are repeated 20 times for each side.

111 Exercise

It is done by lying on the ground on the left or right side of the trainee while keeping the legs stretched over each other straight.

The head is placed on the left arm outstretched; then, an inhale must be taken.

It is preferable to raise the legs from the ground at the same time, then lower them with exhalation And making sure that the feet do not touch the ground, and it is preferable to repeat these steps 5-10 times, and then repeat the same steps for the other side in the same way.

Abdominal Exercises

It is done by lying on the ground straight, then getting the body up a little using the abdominal muscles only, then returning to the ground slowly, and repeat this exercise 30 times, and you can take a break every ten times.

+12 Benefits of running in the morning

Sport is one of the most prominent health habits that doctors and specialists in the field of public health advice to practice daily to achieve the maximum possible benefit from various exercises, on both the physical, psychological, and mental levels of a person, as the forms of sport vary between walking, jogging, jogging, and soccer And basketball, and others, and jogging is one of the most important exercise routines that an unlimited group of people practices daily, especially in the early morning hours, thanks to its ease of performance, as well as its great benefits to the health of the human body.

  1. Improves mood by replenishing positive energy and relieving stress, stress, and anxiety.
  2. Increases physical strength and stamina.
  3. It increases the flexibility and flexibility of the body, eliminates muscle weakness, joint problems, and increases body fitness.
  4. Maintains the health of the heart, arteries, and blood vessels, especially if it is exercised periodically and continuously, as it reduces the level of harmful cholesterol in the body and prevents the accumulation of fat and grease around the arteries.
  5. Maintains the health of the respiratory system, protects against dyspnea, bronchial problems, and bronchial problems, as well as limits the symptoms associated with various diseases, including coughing, colds, congestion, and the accumulation of phlegm, as well as the problems associated with influenza and common cold that increase the likelihood of exposure to them. Dramatically during the winter.
  6. It improves the ability to sleep and relax because it eliminates anxiety and tension and thus combats insomnia.
  7. It is ideal for losing weight quickly by getting rid of cellulite, sculpting the body, and improving the external appearance of the body.
  8. Maintains mental or physiological health, prevents mental disorders, and relieves depression.
  9. It purifies the body and blood of toxins and waste and increases the softness of the intestine, as lack of movement leads to constipation, especially severe cases of it.
  10. It is good for getting rid of skin problems by purifying the body from impurities and toxins, which positively reflects on its freshness and health, and mainly prevents the growth of pimples and pimples.
  11. It strengthens the immune system in the body against various diseases, especially dangerous ones.
  12. It greatly reduces the possibility of developing cancer by resisting its pathogens, as it increases the strength of the body’s immunity against the abnormal division of cells.

Tips for taking advantage of jogging

  • Drink enough water after exercise; To avoid dehydration of the body.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes to ensure hassle-free running.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Not to practice it under the sun during peak hours, as this leads to exposure to ultraviolet rays, which cause cancer, which seriously damage skin health and skin color.

Benefits of climbing the stairs for slimming

The sport of climbing the stairs is one of the easy sports, and it is available in most places, such as offices, homes, hospitals, airports, clubs, parks, and others.

It does not need any advanced equipment or sports tools except suitable sports shoes and weight to increase the effectiveness of burning fat.

Many scientific and practical studies and experiments that were conducted in many universities by several doctors, scientists, and mathematical specialists such as Fabian have proven that a man who consumes two thousand calories per day if he climbs the stairs for ten minutes a day without stopping will burn more than twenty-five hundred Calories, and this is what no other sport can burn, such as jogging, cycling, or brisk walking.

Fabian emphasized that climbing the stairs enables a person to burn more than two thousand calories per week, which reduces the effort on the heart muscle, and The risk of heart attacks exceeds fifty percent.

3 Essential Benefits of climbing stairs

  •  It helps to burn large amounts of fat and calories, which leads to weight reduction and reaching the ideal body in a record period.
  •  It helps sculpt the body, reduce the appearance of the rumen, and remove fat from the sides and the back.
  •  The waist circumference shrinks by about two centimeters per week if used the correct way.

Health benefits of climbing stairs

  •  It relieves stress and revitalizes the body and brain more than jogging or cycling.
  •  It improves blood circulation, activates the heart muscle, and helps circulate blood throughout the body.
  •   It strengthens the thighs and pelvis muscles and protects against the risk of fractures resulting from osteoporosis, especially for women after the age of fifty.
  •  They reduce blood pressure and control levels for long periods.
  •  The amount of oxygen that the body can consume during one-day increases, thus improving the lungs’ overall working capacity.
  •  Reduces fat levels and harmful cholesterol in the body.
  •  It prevents joint and bone diseases and relieves knee pain.
  •  It gives people better health and lasting agility.

Ways to practice climbing stairs

  •  Going up the stairs step by step while maintaining the level of the heels and raising the knees as much as possible and helps to lose the thighs area and strengthen their muscles.
  •  Climbing the stairs two steps at high speed improves breathing and significantly increases the heart rate.
  •  Jumping on the stairs three steps together, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the thighs and improves the overall respiratory function.

Tips for practicing climbing stairs

  •  It is preferable to wear comfortable and appropriate sports shoes, to be able to jump on the stairs easily.
  •  Heat by moving the feet or running around for a period of three to five minutes.
  •  Inspect the ladder well to ensure that no bump or fracture causes a loss of balance during exercise.

Benefits of the rope exercise

There are many types of sport that a person can practice all the time with great ease, including skipping rope, which regularly results in many health benefits, especially in the areas of weight loss, muscle health, and other areas, which we will explain in this article besides mentioning us For other things related to this sport.

Benefits of skipping rope

  •  It is one of the most exercises that help lose weight because it burns a high percentage of calories, reaching about 1,300 calories per hour.
  •  It can be performed anytime, anywhere, so all one needs is a rope.
  •  Helps increase muscle flexibility, agility, and balance in the feet.
  •  Reduces acne because it increases the proportion of blood flowing to various parts of the body, thus nourishing the skin.
  •  The body gets rid of toxins through sweat resulting from jumping.
  •  It increases physical fitness and has a positive effect on the health of blood vessels and the heart.

Important things when practicing skipping rope

  •  Pay attention to the quality and durability of the rope, as a worn or weak rope can break during jumping and cause you damage.
  •  The principle in this sport is to practice it, and the person is barefoot to increase their strength and treat many of their problems. Still, if a person feels unusual pain in his feet, it is advised to wear athletic shoes to absorb the blows.
  •  The practice of this sport is in open places so that the person does not stumble upon furniture and objects in closed spaces.
  •  It is recommended to run for a short period before jumping rope exercises to warm up the body.
  •  Women must wear a sports bra while practicing this sport to avoid breast sagging.

Types of rope skipping exercises

Double skipping

It is one of the most common exercises, and this style of exercises often requires a high speed in performance, and it is one of the exercises that increase the flexibility of the muscles of the body, as the performance of this exercise depends on jumping with both feet at the same time.

Cross jumps

This exercise depends on taking a break between jumps, and its performance depends on jumping with the first foot, followed by jumping with the second foot, with the repetition of the two movements mentioned as quickly as possible, with attention during the performance so that the feet do not twist, and it is preferable not to continue performing this exercise for a long time.

One-foot jumping

This type of sport requires high skill in jumping and achieving balance; this exercise depends mainly on jumping with one leg and keeping the second leg raised in the air, with the need to gradually perform this exercise, by starting with slow jumps, so that it does not happen to the leg Injuries due to rapid jumps.

Exercises to strengthen the arm muscles

Muscles in the arms

Many young men and adolescents seek to strengthen the muscles of the arms. It is considered one of the primary muscles in the body, and it must be well built and preserved. 

The strength that provides its owner with it gives the body an ideal and attractive shape, and many seek to learn about exercises to strengthen it and maintain its shape.

You can do many exercises in the gym under the supervision of a specialized trainer, which are exercises that gradually straighten the muscles so that they have the necessary strength. The following are the essential exercises to strengthen the powers of the hands.

Arm-strengthening exercises

Decline exercise

  1. Stand with feet steady on the ground and hold the gymnastics rings.
  2. Raise your body at the level of your chest.
  3. Continue to lift to the story of the elbows, then slowly back down by bending the elbows.
  4. Repeat this exercise eight to ten times as it develops, building the muscles of the upper part Significantly from the body, especially the muscles in the hands.

Battle rope

  1. Start the movement by attaching to the rope horizontally and pulling it towards your shoulders, and then pulling it; and the string should be pulled with only one arm while isolating the muscles and then rotating around the rope.
  2. Pull the rope ten times.
  3. Bar exercises from a standing position: Start the training by grasping the bar while extending the chest, with the palm of the palm forward and the back of the palm toward the thigh.
  4. Make sure that the trunk is stable so that only the forearms move around the elbow, where the elbow is the focal point, then raise your forearms with the bar in a half movement Circular until you reach the chin, then return to normal, while maintaining the stability of the body and repeat the exercise.
  5.  This exercise is best done in four rounds, with each round comprising ten times.

Interchangeable dumbbell

This exercise is similar to the bar exercise in terms of standing position, but it differs in it that you have to hold a weight in each hand, then rotate with the weight in a comfortable position for the forearm and does not cause pain, and the stability of the trunk and the upper arm must be taken care of during the movement of the dumbbells.

 Perform this exercise in four rounds, involving each round ten times.

Wide grip exercises

These exercises depend on lifting the weight and then gliding by the hand, and you need coordination and the ability to move.

 You can do this exercise ten to twelve times.

Rope climbing and lying exercises

Use the rope to perform this exercise, attach the rope vertically and make sure to hold it firmly, then go up and repeat the exercise four to six times; and this exercise is one of the essential exercises for the essential muscles.

Arm stretching exercises for women

The body is greatly exposed to flabbiness in its various organs, and the incidence of flabbiness increases in women compared to men, and the incidence of sagging in the arms area increases due to many reasons, perhaps the most important of which is weight loss and aging, and this problem makes women wear clothes with long sleeves, trying to cover The sagging that deforms the arms, and prevents them from wearing what they want.

The treatment of sagging in the upper part of the body is much easier than the lower part, and there are many creams and cosmetics that help to tighten the arms, but exercise must also be done so that the arms are tightened more effectively.

Exercise the posterior arm muscle

It is done by sitting on a fixed chair propped up on a wall or the edge of the bed, leaving a space between the feet and fixing the hands on the edges of the chair.

Then the body is raised using the arm muscles only so that the entire body weight is carried on the arms, then the body is lowered, and the exercise is repeated twenty times a day. This exercise is one of the most effective and easiest exercises that can tighten sagging hands.

Arm rotation exercise

Stand up straight with the knees bent only slightly, so that the upper part of the body bends forward, then grabs any weights in the house, then bends the right arm until it is parallel with the ground, then the right arm is raised back until it is completely taut, then repeat The same exercise is for the left arm.

The exercise must be repeated fifteen times a day for each arm regularly.

Back duck walk exercise

As you lie on the ground, then bend the feet so that they are wide, and try to get up using the upper part of the body, taking into account not touching the ground until the body is completely focused on the back. Then a small ball is held in front of the chest.

The upper half of the body gradually and slowly raised Until the session is moderate, then return the arms, taking into account staying in the position of holding the ball until it is directly behind the head. It is preferable to repeat the exercise fifteen times a day.

Right Angle Exercise

The upper part of the body is placed on a sports ball, and the view must be completely at the ceiling, and the body is parallel to the ground. The legs are at a right angle to the ground. It can be replaced by anything similar to it that performs the same purpose, and then a small ball or any other purpose is caught.

The arms are raised and stretched to the top until they are parallel to the legs, then pulled back as far as not to relax, and it is preferable to repeat the exercise ten times.

Body splitting exercises

The divided muscles in the body are among the most signs of beauty and attractiveness, for males and females, as they are obtained through exercise, for each member, through a special trainer, who develops exercises that work to tighten the muscles of the body and divide them regularly and consistently.

Still, to reach beautiful and satisfactory results, patience and endurance are necessary because such matters cannot happen immediately but rather need a lot of time and effort. It is recommended to follow a correct program not to be exposed to fatigue and muscle strain. We will talk in This article is about some exercises for dividing body muscles.

Double wheel exercise

  1.  Lie on the floor.
  2.  Keep the knees on the floor.
  3.  Grip the wheel handles with two hands, keeping the hands extended.
  4.  Extend your back straight.
  5.  Move the wheel forward, then return to the previous position.
  6.  Repeat the exercise ten times for three rounds, taking a minute break before each round.
  7.  This exercise helps stretch and split back and abdominal muscles, as well as improve their work.

Arms upward exercise

  1.  Lie on the back.
  2.  Bend the knees straight at a 90-degree angle.
  3.  Softly lift arms and neck.
  4.  Hold this position for a few seconds.
  5.  Repeat the exercise ten times for three rounds, with a break for a minute before each round.
  6.  This exercise helps tighten the muscles in the abdomen and back and work to divide them symmetrically.

Weightlifting exercise

  1.  Lie on the floor, kneeling.
  2.  Holding the weight with two hands, ten kilos, for example.
  3.  Extend the arms as far as possible.
  4.  Lift the body softly, as if the body is standing on the knees.
  5.  Pull the arms up.
  6. Squatting with weight lifting
  7.  Stand up straight.
  8.  Lifting weights, as they are brought up to shoulder level.
  9.  Squat.
  10.  Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  11.  Return to normal.
  12.  Repeat the exercise ten times for three rounds, with a minute break between each round.

Bike exercise

  1.  Lie on the back, straight up.
  2.  Legs raised.
  3.  Putting hands under the head.
  4.  The feet are moved as if the person was cycling.
  5.  Repeat the exercise twenty times for three rounds, taking a minute break between each round.
  6.  This exercise helps to divide the abdominal muscles if it is repeated on a regular daily basis.

Legs exercise

This is done by lying on the back, then the feet are raised straight up, then the left foot is touched with the right hand, and the exercise is repeated for the other foot ten times for three rounds.

Abdominal muscle strength exercises

Millions of people strive to have their stomach muscles visible and divided; To give the body a strong appearance in general, as well as increase physical fitness and improve the health of the human being; however, the dietary methods and daily habits followed by most people destroy those attempts due to water retention in the body, and the accumulation of fat under the skin, especially in the abdominal area, and to understand the nature of the effort to be made.

To show the abdominal muscles and strengthen them, it must be known that getting rid of belly fat is the first step to showing the muscles hidden underneath. There are many misconceptions about exercising that area to get rid of fat and show muscles. We will present the most useful exercises with some advice from fitness experts to reach ideal abdominal muscles.

Cardio exercises

Cardio exercises are considered the most important in eliminating belly fat, as abdominal exercises without them will not achieve any desired results. Cardio exercises include all exercises that speed up blood circulation activity and increase the heart rate, such as running, swimming, cycling, and climbing stairs.

Exercises should be practiced. Increased strength stimulates muscles to grow, and bodybuilding exercises are the best and fastest in terms of results.

Abdominal Exercises

Dividing and showing the abdominal muscles is at the stage where the percentage of body fat is reduced. The abdominal muscles are of sufficient strength and mass to show and divide.

It is very necessary in creating a strong and healthy appearance because, without them, the muscles will become strong but with an unpleasant appearance, and the best upper abdominal exercises The lower ones lie on the back; Where it is possible to exercise the upper area by lifting the torso up and back again to a lying down position, with the possibility of bending the knees to reduce the pressure in the first stages, and the lower muscles from that position by lifting one leg in a straight form at an angle of about forty degrees, then slowly lowering it with the alternation by lifting the other leg, Or swing the legs, as is the case when riding a bicycle.

Tips to accelerate the appearance of abdominal muscles

Fitness experts provide many tips for speeding up getting rid of belly fat and increasing muscle mass and dividing it. The most important of these tips is to have an abundant amount of water daily to stimulate blood circulation.

Help get rid of excess fat in various excretion processes, as well as be careful to stay away from Eat sugary foods rich in salts and saturated fats to ensure that no new levels of fat accumulate in the body while changing the exercise schedule every period of changing the type of exercise and increasing its strength.

Leg exercises to slim the thighs – Morning exercise routine for beginners

Many women want to get rid of fat in a specific area of ​​the body, which may be the buttocks, abdomen, legs, thighs, or arms, as this has a clear effect on the body’s general appearance health in general.

There is no doubt that this slimming process requires following a healthy and balanced diet and practicing fat burning and slimming exercises for the area to be slim. In this article, we will present some tips and exercises that help slim the thighs.

Tips to slim your thighs

 Drink plenty of water, not less than eight glasses, daily. This is to rid the body of toxins and accumulated fats.

 Avoid eating foods rich in fats and sugars, which provide the body with extra calories than it needs, so that this leads to an increase in body weight in general, and the lower body area that includes the thighs and legs in particular, given that it is the most part where fat collects.

 Massaging the legs improves blood circulation, which helps to tighten the legs and thighs and burn the fats.

Exercise to slim the thighs

Leg Up Exercise

  •  Lie on one side of the body, leaning on the elbow, making sure to extend the legs straight.
  •  Slowly lift the leg as far as possible.
  •  Stay in this position for five seconds.
  •  Do the same movement on the other side of the body.
  •  Repeat this exercise approximately ten times on each leg to get the desired result.

Thigh muscles stretching exercise

  •  Lie on one side of the body, with the head resting on the shoulder.
  •  Bend the legs at right angles.
  •  Take care of good breathing during exercise.
  •  Lift the bent leg slowly to the side.
  •  Feeling tightness in the muscles of the hips and thighs is a sign of proper exercise.
  •  Repeat this exercise twelve times for each leg, for about half an hour.

Leg Stretch

  •  Stand up straight with both hands open.
  •  Place your hands on any piece of furniture so that its length is appropriate for the position of the hands extended down.
  •  Foot bent, one leg elevated in an extended position to the side.
  •  The leg may be bent slightly if the stretched position is difficult to apply.
  •  Repeat this exercise for fifteen minutes for each leg.

Wheel Exercise

  •  Extend or extend the body on the ground with the face facing up.
  •  Move the two legs in the form of a wheel for ten minutes.
  •  Stand in a tight position with knees slightly bent.
  •  Go down and climb to the top ten times in succession.

At the end if you have any other Morning exercise routine for beginners methods you want to share with us please do so we will be grateful for this and don’t forget to join us on Facebook and  Twitter.

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