8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan – The Definitive Guides to Master Keto in 2021

8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan





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  • A nutrition plan with food variety to ensure you will get a wide range of nutrients 
  • Detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions to make meal preparation super simple
  • A downloadable shopping list each week that details every needed ingredient


I’m 4 weeks into my custom keto diet plan and I’ve lost 14 pounds which I must say is pretty incredible, it’s actually amazing watching my body transform into something I am actually proud of rather than something I have always tried to cover up.

Jessica Grey, US

Quick Overview

Keto is everywhere; it is the new buzzword, the new favorite among those seeking to lose weight, and the new hate victim of the food-pyramid-spouting-eat-your-whole grains mainstream health sector.

The keto diet, although it’s not the magical cure-all for each and every disease on Earth, does a pretty dang good job at being the possible causer of curing many horrible problems. So let’s cut through the science, separate fact from fiction, and examine the advantages of the keto diet.


What’s the Keto Diet?

You might have heard of the non-invasive, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet. The keto diet keeps carbohydrate levels low, but rather than ramping up the quantity of protein in your diet. The keto diet increases the amount of fat. A normal keto diet aims for foods with 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5 percent carbohydrate. Eating a high-fat diet may still mean eating healthy. Keto diet menu items frequently include fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, eggs, and nuts. With the increased prevalence of the keto diet, keto recipes are commonly available.

The keto program advocates a diet low on carbohydrates, moderate on protein, and high in fat. The concept is to fine-tune nutrient intake to send the body to the metabolic condition called ketosis.

The body enters a state of ketosis when it has stores of glycogen sugar to fuel its energy needs. With sugar out of the way, the body has no choice but to tap its stores of fat to get by. The liver converts fat reserves into ketones to present to the body as a power source. This is the reason the keto program is a fantastic way to drop fat.

How Can the Keto Diet Work?

It may seem counterintuitive that adding more fat to your diet may result in weight loss. Usually, your diet is high in carbohydrates, broken down into glucose, or blood sugar, for use as energy. As sugar enters your bloodstream, your body releases insulin to store excess sugar as fat. The more carbs, the more sugar. The more sugar, the more insulin, as well as the more insulin, the more fat.

The keto diet benefits from the fact that when your foods are high fat and low-carbohydrate, there’s no insulin spike, and you do not add to your fat reserves. Rather, fat from the diet and stored fat are broken down to ketones (“keto” is short for” ketogenic” producing ketones). Like glucose, ketones may be used for energy, maintaining your body functioning without raising blood glucose or putting on extra fat. The advantages of the keto diet could be huge.

The 8 Week Custom Keto Diet Plan

The eight-week custom keto diet plan service was developed to help people worldwide turn their lives around and take control of their health and figure.

The customized keto diet is a completely new product that enables someone to create their keto diet program based on their food preferences, daily activity levels, height, weight, and goal weight objectives.

Utilizing scientific research and proven studies to make personalized ketogenic diet programs that maximize fat burning through the right calories and macronutrients for each person.

Here’s the full list of material you’ll get once you buy the eight-week custom keto diet plan

  1. An eight-week meal program was created depending on the experience of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs.
  2. Foods that have calorie and macronutrient content tailored for their particular situation and goals.
  3. A nutrition plan with food selection to make sure they will find a wide assortment of nutrients and raise the probability of sticking to their diet.
  4. Foods based on personal food preferences produce their diet pleasurable and help them stay on track with their plan.
  5. Detailed recipes using step-by-step directions to make meal prep super easy (no previous cooking experience needed).
  6. Every week, a downloadable shopping list details every needed ingredient they’ll need in the upcoming seven days.
  7. Alternatives on how they can customize each meal even more to suit your taste buds.
  8. What to eat daily to attain your goals most quickly and enjoyably.

The Advantages of a Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet refers to dieting in which high fats, sufficient protein, and low carbs are consumed. It intends to deplete the body’s glycogen reserves to depend on protein and fat for energy. The body subsequently undergoes ketosis, which is a metabolic condition in which your liver produces many ketones as an alternative fuel source for the brain. This kind of dieting is very popular, with dozens of pictures showing before and after results circulating all over social networking. These are a few advantages of the keto diet and how it might help in achieving your targets.

Weight Loss

Several studies have shown that individuals on high fat, low carb diet burn fat faster than those with a high carbohydrate, low-fat diet. This is mostly because lower insulin levels resulting from the low-carb diet (keto) help to eliminate excess water in the body. During ketosis, you experience decreased levels of appetite, which may be extremely beneficial in controlling caloric consumption, promoting overall weight reduction. It’s been noted that low-carb diets can also help reduce visceral fat, primarily stored in the abdominal cavity.

All in all, the keto diet is an outstanding way to burn fat and lose weight. Eating fewer carbohydrates suppresses appetite, and studies have demonstrated that keto diet participants consume fewer calories overall due to this. Burning fat for energy may result in rapid weight loss.

Okay, this one is not so astounding, but it’s among the most frequent reasons people embark on the keto diet regular diets? For All these reasons. So why is weight reduction usually so simple on the ketogenic diet instead of additional r

• The keto diet comprises approximately 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5 percent or fewer carbohydrates. The high-fat content and absence of sugar mean diminished cravings, lack of blood sugar levels and binges, and increased satiation. Greater satiation=eating less. Many people also have food sensitivities to grains, even fermented ones, so eliminating them can lead to an increased ability to absorb minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which in turn means that your body is more nourished and you have fewer cravings

• Ketones. When your blood glucose is running low, your body turns to its glycogen stores for energy. Typically glycogen stores house approximately 2000 calories of” backup” energy for when you run out of glucose. Like the intelligent machine it’s, your body depletes the glycogen stores and then turns to your body fat for fuel.

IMPORTANT: The ketogenic diet isn’t a free-for-all eat; however much cheese or super low-fat fat bomb threats, you need a diet. If you’re eating far more calories than you need, you won’t shed weight. So concentrate on maintaining your diet about fatty cuts of grass-fed meat, butter, eggs, avocados, lots of green vegetables, and cruciferous, and be small with the keto desserts, dairy, and candies.

Undeniably, weight loss is the principal target of the keto diet. It works because it makes the body look to its fat reserves to power its metabolism. It may be interesting to go deeper into the process, however.

When the body is deprived of carbohydrates, it enters a state of ketosis. Blood glucose and insulin levels drop when that occurs. Since the body taps the energy in fat cells, they release considerable water, which makes for some excellent weight loss. The fat cells can then enter the bloodstream and make their way to the liver, where they’re turned into ketones for energy processing. Provided that your diet permits you to remain in a caloric deficit, you get to enjoy the weight loss benefits of the keto diet.

It takes the edge off your appetite.

When your diet is not heavy on carbohydrates, you might realize that you don’t crave as much food as before. Many men and women who get on the keto diet can quickly most of the day and eat at mealtimes. They are just not as hungry as before.

Mental Performance

The ketones generated from a low-carb diet are a much more efficient source of energy than sugar. Studies have indicated they can enhance cognitive impairment and help with ailments like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The high-fat diet will help to encourage the balance of essential omega 3s and omega 6s vital for optimum brain function. Additionally, ketosis can boost mitochondria creation and adenosine triphosphate within the brain’s memory cells, improving mental performance and clarity.

Brain Function

As you might have already experienced, a poorly functioning mind leads to diminished work productivity, which in turn means a miserable manager, lack of job satisfaction, sugar cravings for energy, and depression. It is a dreadful domino effect. The original ketogenic diet has been invented by Dr. Russell Wilder from the early 20th century to treat epilepsy. The success rate was phenomenal, and it’s still used today to treat epilepsy and other brain disorders. Research also suggests that ketones are a more efficient brain fuel compared to sugar. (Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5102124/)

Improved ability to focus

When you pick a regular diet that puts carbohydrates into the body, your mind has to manage the rise and drop in sugar levels. Inconsistent energy levels can make it difficult for the mind to concentrate. Together with the keto diet, but the energy source is continuous and consistent. The brain is better able to remain focused.

You feel more energetic.

When you’re on a standard diet, your body is always on the brink of running out of energy. You want to eat and refuel constantly. Having a keto diet, the body taps its fat reserves, a nearly unending energy resource. The body, then, can keep constant energy levels every day. The result is, you find yourself feeling far more energetic.

Improved Blood Pressure

High blood pressure significantly increases the risk of many diseases and is a major cause of deaths globally. A low-carb diet has been demonstrated to be more powerful than a low-carb diet in reducing blood pressure. In actuality, some claim it is at least as effective as taking pills. This, coupled with the weight loss derived from a ketogenic diet, is guaranteed to improve cardiovascular health and function significantly.

It’s been demonstrated by numerous studies in the domain of nutrition science, this kind of dieting can have an extremely positive influence on your general health and physiological function. Provided that you can find a way to keep the discipline, the rewards are plentiful. For those who have never been able to acquire many results from traditional procedures, the keto strategy is certainly worth considering.

When you are on the keto diet, it drops your blood pressure. A lot of people on the keto diet see they have the ability to stop taking blood pressure medication altogether.

Improved Cholesterol

“Bad” (LDL) cholesterol is another risk factor for heart disease. Too much bad cholesterol in your blood builds up in your arteries, narrowing them and causing atherosclerosis, a sort of cardiovascular disease. The keto diet reduces bad cholesterol levels while raising the amount of” good” (HDL) cholesterol in the human body.

HDL cholesterol helps eliminate the body’s poor cholesterol reservations. When you are on keto, your body’s triglyceride levels drop, and your HDL cholesterol levels rise.

Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin

Since carbohydrate intake is restricted, blood glucose and insulin levels are reduced. This is very important for those with type 2 diabetes, which causes a buildup of sugar in the bloodstream. The keto diet may be employed to reduce or eliminate the need for diabetic insulin shots.

When you have Type II diabetes, your body undergoes high levels of insulin. Considering that the keto diet carries excess sugar from the diet, it will help stabilize HbA1c counts and reverse Type II diabetes.

Reduced Triglycerides

Fat subunit molecules called triglycerides normally circulate in your blood. High levels of triglycerides are a substantial risk factor in the progression of cardiovascular disease. From the keto diet, because fat is being burned for energy, the amount of triglyceride molecules in the blood decreases, lowering the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Reduced risk of Chronic Disease

A ketogenic diet can raise the body’s defense against many different conditions. Reducing inflammation and improving mitochondrial function can help mitigate the risk of developing several chronic ailments. Cancer cells normally possess abnormal mitochondria, which require an increased source of glycogen. Ketosis allows for normal cells to be fed while starving the cancer cells since they cannot use the ketones for energy due to their dysfunctional mitochondria.

Potential Cancer Benefits

One study demonstrated implementing the ketogenic diet resulted in a dramatically increased survival time and slower tumor growth. (Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5450454/)

Deliciously Easy Keto recipes ( Bonus )


The keto diet offers many health benefits. This diet can’t help you quickly lose weight but can also improve your general health and help prevent disease.

If you are reading this article today, odds are you are in some pain, whether physical and/or psychological (being obese, fighting with autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, fatigue, brain fog), and would like to modify. Use this information, do not just skim through it and keep it in the back of your mind and say,” that is fine for some people ” motivate yourself to change.

The keto diet may change somebody’s life. It isn’t a tough diet to get on, either. There are loads of great recipes for the keto diet. All it takes is the willingness to give it a shot.


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